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Giveaway: Print by Julia Pott

by Jamie Tao 39

Giveaway: Print by Julia Pott | Doodlers Anonymous

Have you fallen in love with the work of Julia Pott yet? Trust me, we all have. Her work is always autobiographical and that's what makes it so damn good. And we are in luck because the very thoughtful Julia has offered to giveaway her "I Can't Breathe" full color print. It is 16.5"x11.69", printed on archival matte paper, signed and dated. If I hadn't bought one of her prints for my own stash, I'd be tempted to steal this one - so consider yourself lucky. To have a chance to win, all you have to do is tell us about your first crush in the comments below (this video by Julia might inspire you). And keep it PG. Okay, keep it PG-13.

If you're up for it, you can doodle it and send it to editor {at} doodlersanonymous {dot} com. It could be fun (or not).

We'll randomly select one winner in two days time (Thursday, July 16 at 5pm EST). This is a good one so good luck! UPDATE: And the winner is...


  1. I love it so much!

  2. Amazing. Very simple and naïve. I think that\\\\\\\'s what I love about it. I love the lines. Love, a terrible thing.

  3. boo. I wanted to do a doodle but my scanner is not working :( first crush was a neighborhood boy who was my age. When we were 6 or so, we would sneak into the barn where there was this old desk/table turned on its side and covered with a rainbow plaid sheet (thank you, 1970's). We would stand inside and hold hands and kiss. It was all very innocent and cute. One year, for my birthday, he gave me a stuffed mickey mouse doll. I heart that doll, and will never forget him.

  4. My first crush was in elementary school and he was the most adorable boy ever. He was so cute and one year, when our class decided to do secret santa for Christmas, he turned out to be mine! He gave me a journal and a pencil and seriously, I wrote in that journal every single day, haha. I always blushed like crazy when he looked at me. ;)

  5. Matt Moses, 1st grade. Looking back, he was kind of a tool, but he was popular and cute and at the time I was smitten. His birthday was also 3 days before mine.

  6. my first crush.... was my jr yr in high school (the most important crush of them all...). He sat in front of me in algrebra 2. I was crazy shy. It was hard for me to date...or make friends. I couldn't really listen in the class to begin with because my heart was pouding so loudly in my ears whenever he was near me- and because he was constantly stretching his really long arms. Up, and then he'd tilt to the left towards the teacher placing his elbow on the back of his chair (so basically over my notebook and desk because he was a pretty lanky guy-didn't care! it was awesome!); slouching of course. His notebook balanced on his big boney knee. Tapping his pencil. Between the pencil, the tapping of his dirty old doc martens and my heart it was pretty hard to concentrate on anything else. Back to the weird me part...I used to have this chart....because I wanted to draw him (at home! Where nobody could see!) and I would make notes about his face...and clothes....and then one day he was doing one of those big stretches of his...and he saw it...and said "well, actually it think my nose is more like this...." and he leaned over my desk; erased what i had drawn and re-did it- perfectly. I thought I was gonna die, but he smiled at me and handed me a purple blow pop (that I kept forever...until it got gooey)....We dated for a little bit after high school was over and when I told him about that he actually remembered....I guess thats why he'll always mean so much to me...when I was invisible to everyone else. He saw me. Thanks for reading! Good Luck to everyone :)

  7. Perhaps my biggest (though not my first), without going into all the gritty details: a red-headed Cuban girl who I couldn't keep my friggin mind off her. Crushes are hard to explain. I don't know what it was about her (she certainly was SMOKING), but she was so much fun to be around that it drove me insane. In the end, she wasn't into me (after about 4 years I finally broke down and told her what was up) and that was that. I had to cut down all communication with her cus it would probably continue to drive me butt crazy.

  8. I was in the second grade. He had a thick unibrow and his hair was jet black. He was nerdy, painfully shy and didn't talk to many people. That intrigued me (even at 7 years old). I remember constantly tapping him on the shoulder and asking him to help me with my math. Thanks to him, I know all about long division.

  9. first big crush went by the name of julia (no lie). 5th grade, i saw her and 'fell in love'. she was so very beautiful. i was so very shy. i knew that she was a lover of classical music, so i started borrowing classical music cds from the library. i knew she was a diligent pianist. so i continued playing piano even when i wanted to quit. i'd go to her recitals, even when there was a storm out. i'd find out her favorite books and read them. she took french as a language in school, so i continued french through high school as well so i could be in the same class with her. i'd always be there if she ever needed a pen or wanted gum. i just graduated high school, and i never got the guts to ask her out. and she's going to university out of the country. and i still like her.

  10. That's sweet!

  11. Hmm… I guess my first chrush would be one involving Jenny Lewis (…as Katie Monahan in a TV series Broadway bridge)…I remember hugging and kissing my TV a lot during that period...

  12. My first crush helped me out of trouble by telling he broke our teacher\'s statue of baby Jebus, rather than me. Three years old, and such a hero. :)

  13. I was in grade 8, and my first crush's name was Steve. We caught the bus together, and he was a year older than me. He always had flushed red cheeks, and I thought it was the most magical thing in the world. I wrote him love letters, and gave him one once... I'm not sure if I signed it, but I could never face him again.

  14. My first crush was in second grade. Her name was Samantha. She was an energetic little blonde girl who always told the truth, and because of that everyone disliked her. Except for me. She had bright blue eyes that lit up with her smile, and her nose flared whenever she was excited. I thought she was the most interesting and beautiful girl in the class. One day, during lunch, I was sitting alone on the playground curb, thinking. She came up to me and sat down right next to me and asked me if I was okay. I said yes and turned away. She sat for a few moments and then left. To this day I wish I had continued that conversation instead of let it drop off like that!

  15. When I was 7 years old and just had started first grade, a boy in second grade named Jonas was the center of my attention. We live quite close, so we used to visit each other and play frisbee or badminton or whatever. One day we simply decided we\'d be a couple, and that was what happened. On my birthday, he took me behind the corner of my house, told med to close my eyes and wait. I was terrified he\'d kiss me, so I shouted in his face that he could do anything but that! As it turned out, he wasn\'t going to kiss me, but instead gave me a silver necklace with a tiny pink kitten on...for his birthday I gave him a broken pink rabbit stamp and a read plastic heart with the words \"I miss you\" on. The intention was good, though. For two 7-year olds we had a pretty long relationship, 7 months, until he one day announced that he was in love with a girl named Marie and wanted to break up. I outlived it, though, and 7 years later I let a boy kiss me for the first time.

  16. a boy enter in my class that year, he was kind of rebel but he was kind of cute, i liked him so much but i didnt tell anyone . but maybe someone had knew. he was a really great friend. it was on the last year at this school, i didnt saw him for a long time, but a couple year ago i found him and we start to talk and i told him hat little story and he smile. sorry about the English

  17. It was the first grade. One boy with Luke Skywalker hair made me a little prickly with heat and for that I didn't like him. I was just too little to understand the concept of "crush" and was afraid I'd somehow betray and shame myself. So I ignored him. One day I saw him in the cafeteria eating a sandwich he brought from home and to my horror, I saw that he had peeled off the crusts to eat around them, which is what I always did. When he noticed that I did the same he gave me an adorable grin, but I quickly turned away in embarrassment. I think that hurt his feelings. I wish I could go back to that moment so I could return his smile that day in the cafeteria, at least to acknowledge our solidarity in eating crustless sandwiches.

  18. i had two first crushes at once when i was in 3rd grade, which made it really hard since they both liked me. one was called guy, he was tall, dark and skinny and the other was called lyle and was shorter with yellow-blonde hair and a big nose. i could never decide between the two. i remember one time guy gave me a note during lunch which read \\\"will you be my girlfriend?, check one of the boxes []yes []no []maybe\\\". i checked maybe. lyle was sweeter and would give me things like flowers he had picked and cupcakes from the bakesale. but guy was more charming. later that year my family moved away and it was like being double heart broken!!

  19. I had my first crush in first grade. I was a weird, solitary little kid. I liked a boy named Lenny who got in trouble all the time for being disruptive. I saw him as a rebel and I loved that he did all the naughty things I wished I could. I didn't want to act up and jeopardize my good-girl rep. He walked home the same way I did, so I invited him over to swing on the swings at the neighbor's house. I jumped at the chance to hide in the bushes next to our driveway and kiss him. He gave me a pink plastic leaf he pulled off a plastic flower. His family moved away not long after that and I thought I'd never see him again. I always imagined that he was a super-secret agent and spy, doing daring deeds to defend his country. Fast forward to 2008. He googled himself and found a blog where I mentioned him and now we're friends again. Turns out he wasn't a rebel at all. He was deeply troubled. I was too, so no wonder we were drawn to each other. We both turned out OK, and we have a lot in common, even though I haven't seen him since we were like 7. Heart you, Lenny!

  20. My first crush was when I was 6 or 7 and with a boy in my class. For Valentines day I decided to make him a card. I spent ages making it and sneaked into class early to put it in his desk. I didn't sign it, I wanted to see if he liked it first...He threw it in the bin right in front of me when he found out it wasn't made by another girl in the class. :( Boo! :P

  21. Does this have anything to do with her \"crush\" print? Cause that\'s my favorite one... so pretty... :_) My first crush was in summer. I was... maybe 12?. I was camping with my parents, and the guy who took care of the camping pool was so dashy... I couldn\'t help it, and he knew...

  22. Oh I remember my first crush way back when I was six. He was tall and blond and owned a rabbit named Rabbit. I used to play Zorro with him and his best friend. One day his friend came up to me and asked if I fancied being boyfriend and girlfriend with his friend? I said yes and I must\\\'ve been madly in love for ever. I drew him our future house (in the shape of a heart) and gave him my scrunchies (rumour has it that he still has those and keeps it safely in a book under his bedside table). One day, as I was playing with my girl friends I remember I fantasised that my hair was so long that it reached him (way across the playground) that he\\\'d look around to me and came running to kiss me. Aaah kindergarten love! There\\\'ll never be anything like it ever again. Sigh.

  23. my first crush was a secret one, as were all of them, i was a shy prude who hung out with the nerdy crowd even then. i wrote about him in my diary. "he looked at me today, i think he loves me"... "he threw the ball to me today, i think i love him"... "he beat me at tether ball today, that jerk, but i still love him." i loved him so much i dreamt about being his wife and traveling the oregon trail together with our kids and oxen. it was a sad day when he died from influenza. i kicked myself for not resting after the rockies. i wrote something mushy on his tombstone and hankered on. sadly, i had forgotten every tombstone is saved on the trail, so that the whole class just has to stop and read them to have a few morbid laughs... "haha, timmy died from a broken leg, what a baby!" it was a cruel world, second grade. needless to say, my crush found my tombstone and the cat was out of the bag. to my surprise he loved me too. we played oregon trail together from then on. it was true digital love.

  24. aww that is inspiring! first crushes tend to make me feel nauseous. I remember meeting my crush (or the first crush i remember anyway) and feeling all clammy and sick. i couldn't look at him in the face and my face got all blotched up. Ugh. Needless to say after that i headed to the bathroom. :-P

  25. not mine, but my sister's. when we were little & playing one day, she announced she was going to marry the colour black. being the eldest & oh-so-wise, i told her she could not marry a colour, to which she replied "i can marry whatever i want".

  26. Maria Blumke was the only girl in our third grade class who wore a bra. This and her long hair was all that it took for me to develop a crush. One day, while Maria was drinking from a water fountain I decided to demonstrate my love for her. I snapped her bra and ran. Alas, my feelings were unrequited.

  27. My sisters and I were raised by our father (and later our stepmother), and my daddy was my first crush. When I was 10 I remember wishing I didn't have to grow up, because I was worried I wouldn't always love my daddy as much as I did right then. My teens and twenties brought the inevitable growing up and becoming independent, increasingly cranky with my father's foibles and constrained by his overprotectiveness. (I was a late bloomer, so I didn't have my first crush until age 18, and my first boyfriend at 20.) Now my daddy is in a care facility, losing his health, losing his memory, but what difference can that make? I appreciate what my father showed me about unconditional love, and these days I love my husband "that much."

  28. My first crush was a boy in my class who was mean to me. Sob. I loooooove this print.

  29. my first crush was a boy named drew in 6th grade. when we split into city states, he was sparta, I was athens. he was always too cool for me. in 7th grade, we were placed together as partners to work on creating a castle out of foam core. I had to do all of the work because he had two broken arms (he was THAT cool), but I didn't mind. I remember that when I was using the exacto knife he told me a story about how he sat on an exacto knife once. he was dreamy. like this print.

  30. (Just sent in my doodle!) My first real, true crush was in third grade. He was absolutely adorable and could beat me at Chinese hop (do people know what this game is? Tried to Google it, but it didn't come up with what I wanted. :( I'm sure it goes by another name), which was a BIG DEAL at the time. Also, he was absolutely adorable. Did I mention he was absolutely adorable? Sadly, he moved to another school after that year. I found him on Facebook a while ago, and he's completely changed. :(

  31. It was first grade. I was helplessly in love with the tiniest boy in class. Something about his year book picture made my little heart flutter.

  32. when i was four and in kindergarden i fell in love with a dot eyed blonde because sweat beads formed in his nose while he exploded malt bottles at lunch. he rides horses without a saddle now.

  33. andy potocic. first crush. first date. fifth grade. we were "going out". we would talk on the phone for hours. okay, not really talk, more like i would hold the phone and listen to him trying to play van halen on his rented electric guitar. a girls dream. so one night he asked me to go to the ice capades (sp?). he was going to get tickets. (what!) yes was the answer. no was my dad's answer. the compromise. 4 seats. andy's mom, andy, me, and my dad. we were allowed to touch elbows. best elbow ever.

  34. Oh man I love the one about marrying the colour..IT'S AWESOME! Thanks to everyone for leaving your comments!! Good luck!

  35. my very 1st crush...was on this hot blonde and blue eye boy i saw at a beach resort , i think i was 11. on the beach, at the pool, at the cafe we were there! i was with my friends,he was with his family and he joined us for a huge dig up on the beach one day, we didnt talk...i was too shy! :) on the last day of my stay, i actually slipped... or did i just left my address on the doorstep of his room he was staying wif his family.but did not hear any news from him.oh was just a crush. :)

  36. When I was about 6 I had this big crush on this kid Jared, I thought he was just sooo cute! At about the same time my dad was being considered for a transfer, we were either going to have to move or another family was going to have to move...the other family was Jareds! (oh no!!) Our family was picked to move and I decided from that day on I couldn\'t possibly like Jared anymore because he didn\'t have to love for him could be no more! ha

  37. My first crush ENDED when I saw her lick the lid to her Elmer's school glue when she finished using it! Uhhhh...

  38. this is gorgeous and full of detail. i really like the textures :)

  39. Both very intriguing! Thanks for posting.

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