Inspiration: Editorial

Finding "It"

by Jamie Tao 4


Every few months, I get the opportunity to work in L.A. I love being on the west coast because I am exposed to a different lifestyle and art that I love to soak up. And every time, without fail, I return with new discoveries of people and things and my head spinning. So I doodled the above as soon as I got home. Now I have a question: what or who inspires you?


  1. Lol that's an easy one. this website of course. i think i visit twice a day.

  2. • have to agree. this place • flickr • South American graffiti • grass (the kind you play football on) • kids • cake • ginger tea • sleep ... most importantly - other creative people

  3. This site, flickr, and music. Mostly Radiohead and Thom Yorke's solo album.

  4. whoa,the list will be long; i guarantee it but hey here's my inspirations: 1.god is an astronaut 2.revelry-kings of leon 3.fecalface 4.jeff soto 5.mike perry 6.andrew j miller 7.this site! 8. my emotions and how i feel at the mo 9.people i meet, places i go 10.random phrases from friends 11.awaking life 12.tim burton 13.haruki murakami's dance dance dance shadow 15. and the list goes on.... but i do get at the spur of the moment inspirations while im at the wierdest location or wierdest time of the day,when i should really be sleeping. :)

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