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Erratic, Unfinished and Dirty

by Lisa Currie 14

Erratic, Unfinished and Dirty | Doodlers Anonymous

If you're learning to draw (whatever that means), Nina Johansson's sketchbooks will either make you squirm with awe or inspire your pants off. For me they did a little bit of both. And she also has a blog.

As frustrating as observational drawing can be to master, it'd be nice to pull my imagination straight onto the page - no compromises (such as hands having to be in pockets or behind backs).

Out of curiousity, who out there keeps a sketchbook? In three words I would describe mine as erratic, unfinished and dirty. How would you describe yours?

Lisa Currie

We all enjoy a bit of a doodle! That's why we're here. Or maybe you got lost and were searching for a whole other kind of doodle... uh oh. Anyway, hello! My name's Lisa. I'm author of The Scribble Diary, a doodling book to inspire self-reflection. Also my new book is ME, YOU, US to fill out with your friends! Come find me on instagram @scribblediary


  1. I have started keeping a sketchbook with me and am desperately trying to learn to sketch by just practicing when I am waiting somewhere. My sketchbook would be described as amateurish and unconfident looking. But, maybe someday . . .

  2. incomplete, apprehensive & hesitant. I'm working on just sitting down and doing something. I hate preplanning and critiquing myself before I even start. It's a hard habit to break though...

  3. wordy, amateurish, me or maybe \\\"work in progress\\\"

  4. full of drawings

  5. only just beginning

  6. i have a few sketchbooks. my main one i'd describe as neat but disorganized, colorful and smudgy.

  7. I used to be very afraid of sketchbooks because some of them cost a bomb. I used to try completing every sketch I made, if not, I would be very frustrated that I have wasted another precious piece of paper. Sometimes I would tear that page off the book. Anyway I told myself not to be afraid of the white pages anymore and just have fun. So the three words to describe my sketchbook would be: Just For Fun!!

  8. I will promise to keep to my words.

  9. sporadic, educational, time-capsule-y

  10. Her observational drawings are great! I'm currently working on that, I have a "drawing movement and motion" class this fall. How do you draw motion?! Anyway, my sketchbook: neat, white space :), colorful.

  11. wordy, rough and in-progress

  12. Utilitarian, experimental, embarrassing! (except the stuff I choose to share)

  13. repetitive, loving and story-telling.

  14. ironic, lists, commentary.[email protected]/

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