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Fan Mail, Part IV

by OKAT 5

Fan Mail, Part IV | Doodlers Anonymous

Extra, extra, read all about it: Larry Roibal doodles people in the news right over their related newspaper article and does it, incessantly.

"Individually, these doodles are nothing special, but as a group start to become something greater than a sum of their parts, a myopic view of events, doodled over my morning coffee, represented by a face with the underlying text peaking out from my doodles."

See them all at


  1. Your scribbles are impeccable. It's insane how precise these are.

  2. So, when's the book coming out?! Isn't it time to share these with a bigger audience? Carol

  3. yeah!

  4. Larry's work is great. I've been following him for a couple years now. Glad to see the spotlight on him here.

  5. love your work as someone else has said your scribbles are so life like and impeccably drawn, love it!

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