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No Other Explanation

by Jamie Tao 3

No Other Explanation | Doodlers Anonymous

In the words of speakcryptic: "We are a reflection of each other and that’s how I would summarize what I do. These drawings and these signs and all of the stuff that I put out are a direct reflection of my environment. But ultimately, what you see in the mirror will be up to you and no one can make you see it any different. So really, there’s no point in me telling you what you should see when you are looking at these drawings and images that I am responsible for. But if you feel compelled to react towards it, be it in a positive or negative manner, then that would be ideal."

I love this man's work and his words.

Above are some of the images that stand out to me but there are 47 of them for you to look at.


  1. Wow!!! Yess!!!

  2. wow...incredibly good drawings! thank you for sharing this and thank you for your interesting and creative blog.

  3. Cool! unsettling, dark and Melancholy. also human and rather joyous, great stuff (some stuff on my new blog)

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