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Start to Draw Your Life

by OKAT 4

Start to Draw Your Life | Doodlers Anonymous

Michael Nobbs has been drawing his life for most of his life. Some people have photo albums to record the passing years, he on the other hand, has his drawings. Start to Draw Your Life is an inspirational "how-to" booklet by Michael, with a simple objective to encourage others to pick up a pen and sketchbook and start documenting. You can download and print your own copy of the booklet (for free) or pre-order a limited-edition copy. No excuses now... he's making it easy for us all to start today.


Founder and editor of Doodlers Anonymous. An avid thinker, creator and collaborator, known to concept and carry a ballpoint pen with him at all times.


  1. This is very inspirational!! I think i will draw more often now because of this.

  2. Brilliant, simply brilliant! I'd never have thought of doing this, but I will be having a go.

  3. I'm so going to start drawing my life tomorrow. This is truly inspiring!

  4. really cool ideas, thx.

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