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Giveaway: Odds + Ends, Pt.1

by OKAT 27

Giveaway: Odds + Ends, Pt.1 | Doodlers Anonymous

Sometimes we get lucky around here and our friends across the net send us lovely little drawn gifts. Today, we want to share them with you. The above fox and tree illustration is an 8" x 10.25" test print by a favorite doodler of ours, Amy Blackwell. And to the right is a 'zine by Rachal Duggan (whom we wrote about here) which features 14 drawn Dads. You will want them both, trust me. Leave a comment below, with a recent song you love to listen and doodle to, and we'll randomly pick one winner tomorrow. Good luck.

UPDATE: And the winner is... Matt, whose recent favorite song to doodle to is Short Road by Wax Stag. The song's video is a psychedelic-drawn animation by George Mellor, Hugh Frost and Thomas Hicks, watch it here. Congrats to Matt and thanks again to Amy Blackwell and Rachal Duggan for the beautiful prints.


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  1. Boy Boyscout'n — by Menomena — from the album, Friend and Foe.

  2. I've been listening to the new Eels album. Second song "That Look You Give That Guy" is a great "drawing to" song :)

  3. Tire Swing - Kimya Dawson. Kimya\'s also a bit of a doodler :)

  4. Today I started out the day with Radiohead's "15 Steps." Earphones always on full blast, so you can get lost in it.

  5. Wax Stag- Short Road :)

  6. Jump Little Children - Habit

  7. My favourite \"Doodle-Song\" is \"Rockstar\" by Nickelback. Don\'t know why! ;D

  8. Dance the Hadra by Al Gromer Khan

  9. The ghosts you draw (!) on my back- Mùm

  10. Lately I've been listening to Thom Yorke's Atoms for Peace to get me started. Listening to a brilliant artist like Yorke inspires me to pursue excellence.

  11. I love drawing to "Dirt" by Tobacco. Like a rabbits den of fascinating visual ideas in there.

  12. devotchka

  13. Ballad Of Chasey Lane - Bloodhound Gand

  14. I love doodling to The Haunted Cathouse by the Nekromantix, its so inspiring and old-timey, love it!

  15. Coldplay - Clocks

  16. Needle in the Hay - Elliott Smith

  17. Dropped by Phantom Planet. Listening to it right now. :)

  18. Has anyone here ever seen the movie, American Astronaut? It's an independent film, sort of under the radar. The film itself is mixed media, as the budget didn't allow for too many special effects. The scenes that couldn't be done any other way were drawn. This movie, and the soundtrack for the movie is what I listen to when I'm doodling. The Billy Nair Band did the music. Perfecto.

  19. I love to listen to Mending of the Gown by Sunset Rubdown to doodle!

  20. Ladyhawke - Paris Is Burning

  21. been listening to a lot of MGMT these days - that and NPR :)

  22. I'll go with Cry by Birthday Party.

  23. whatever i draw depends on the weather, so.. i listen to little dragon and tinyfolk when it\'s sunny. when it rains, i listen to the perishers, sigur ros and aqualung.

  24. Pennywhistle by Augie March

  25. i love listening to anything jack white. his lyrical word play inspires my drawing.

  26. "Black Cat" by Ladytron--it really inspires me and puts me in an energetic, creative mood!

  27. Crazy improv jazz stuff. Unknown artist, but man that horn was hot!

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