Inspiration: Art

Magic Jelly

by Jamie Tao 7

Magic Jelly | Doodlers Anonymous

I get lost in all the links and clicks from one site to another so I can't tell you exactly how I stumbled upon Karena Colquhoun's work but I do love the above illustration she did and was lucky enough to find the steps she took to get there - from the initial pencil sketch on her moleskine to vectorizing on the computer to the final printed piece. See the steps here or read about the different stages on her own blog.


  1. Her work is sooooooooo well crafted. Much love and respect!

  2. Love this. Nice use of mixed medium.

  3. Beautiful! Portrait of anyone in particular?

  4. i love to have my artwork to be made into a cover of a notebook. that is like one of the best things you can have as an artist

  5. oops my bad, i thought it was a notebook..

  6. LOVE!

  7. Nice

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