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To-do or Not To-do

by OKAT 3

To-do or Not To-do | Doodlers Anonymous

There are so many things I would be doing if I didn't work in advertising by Wendy Macnaughton speaks so loud and clear to me today. My favorite is number six from the list above: Doctors Appointment (make Doctors Appt.). I can totally relate. Half of my current to-dos come with their own prerequisites. Anyway, see a few more of my favorite selects from her work and add this to your own to-do: bookmark Wendy Macnaughton's website.

Thanks to Raena for the discovery.


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  1. More great pictures, Love the Script also!

  2. She is fantastic, isn't she!! I wish she weren't so busy and could post everyday!

  3. Wow! These are nice...

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