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A Zine from One Sheet of Paper

by OKAT 7

A Zine from One Sheet of Paper | Doodlers Anonymous

I just had 20 minutes of the most unexpected fun, courtesy of Corey Thompson of Super Duper. With a scissor and one sheet of paper, I was able to create an eight-page zine and full page poster with the beautiful art of Chris Dent, Andy Council, Lauren Albert, Corey Thompson, Adam Niemara and Will Bryant. All for free!

So easy that I even documented the entire process.

Many thanks to Super Duper for putting this all together. You can download the art (with complete instructions) here »


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  1. thanks for the pics!!! this looks so easy to do.

  2. Thanks i Love This book

  3. Thanks for this, will give this a go, simple and neat! :)

  4. thanks for posting! Corey is always up to something rad!

  5. this looks like fun, can anyone submit?

  6. Those are cool, nice share, thanks.

  7. Link doesnt seem to work

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