Inspiration: Videos

Thomas Hicks

by wirrow 4

Thomas Hicks | Doodlers Anonymous

Thomas Hicks won a warp competition to make a music video for Gravenhurst. His subsequent animations are like being sucked into his sketchbook and wandering around his dark and wonderful world. Very refreshing to see some organic, stop motion music videos these days. Check out his videos here »


  1. AMAZING!!! I am in love with his animations.

  2. I love this stuff! I\\\'m having trouble finding a website for Thomas. Does anyone have a link to post here so we can see much more of his great art? I can only find his Vimeo stuff. Very inspirational!

  3. This is what I've been able to find: -- some links to his work. -- his profile at magnus mag. Maybe you can email him and see what else he has going on. :)

  4. Tom is currently producing a film for us (which is already looking amazing), you'll be able to see the results in Autumn 09 And this is his blog:

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