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Giveaway: Christine Young Screenprints

by Jamie Tao 14

Giveaway: Christine Young Screenprints | Doodlers Anonymous

If there is anything you need to know about Christine Young, it's that she can do a mean doodle. And she does it regularly on just about anything - shoes, polaroids, shelves, you name it. I contacted her last week and realized that not only is she insanely talented; she is kind and generous too. We love kindness because that means that there is a new giveaway for you.

We got our hands on two Christine Young screenprints: "Summer" (on the left) is 16"x12" and "Journey" (on the right) is 13"x10". All you have to do to enter the giveaway is answer a simple question: Where do you plan to journey this summer? If you're feeling extra creative, you can doodle your answer to editor {at} doodlersanonymous {dot} com.

Comments will stay open until Monday (May 11) @ 12pm Eastern time and then we will randomly select two names. The extra surprise is that you won't know what print you're getting until you have it in your hands. Just because we love surprises.

Have fun, be creative and good luck.

UPDATE: Comments are closed. Winners will be announced tomorrow. Thank you all for participating.


  1. well i just got back from traveling to california but that doesn\\\'t count. this summer i plan on traveling through the depths of pittsburgh as i am moving downtown soon and have not yet discovered all of its hidden gems.

  2. Cleveland!

  3. Thank you Christine! I'm planning a magical journey to Greece. :)

  4. My wife and I are moving to Italy this summer!

  5. while my physical journeys are out west (i live on the east coast), my big one this summer is that of me in my life. sound corny? perhaps... but i'm at that point where i need to figure a few things out. bite the bullet, move out west, and up the ante with my career, or actually settle down where i am now (which would then entail assessing how i can make the east work for me. i seem to fight it a bit now). yes, it will be a summer to remember...

  6. Josh -- lucky you!

  7. I plan to journey to Australia in my mind although my body will be in Ohio.

  8. Hopefully another galaxy, but I'm probably just hanging around Miami.

  9. I will journey to a cabin on a lake and relax and draw and be awesome.....hopefully. It'd be nice.

  10. in the philippines, we\'re already on the second month of summer. i\'ve been stuck within our gates for a month already and am now convinced that here is where i\'ll be \'til school starts in june. yeah, it sucks a little. afterall, the boredom is overwhelming. but on a brighter note, i have plenty of time to write, to draw, to pet our rabbit and to stare idly through windows.

  11. If I don't lose my job, we will journey to Mexico.

  12. Wow, amazing giveaway! This summer, I plan to journey to Las Vegas! :)

  13. Im off to the lake district. woop woop! Mark. hope your well

  14. i\'m going to the moon. it will be cold. i plan to pack accordingly.

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