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My Pen is Better Than Yours

by OKAT 5

My Pen is Better Than Yours | Doodlers Anonymous

Some of us are addicted to doodling and some of us are addicted to the tools we doodle with. I discovered the website a few months ago and find it amazing how well the author of the site (@dowdyism) can break-down every single nuance of how a pen feels, writes, and even lays the ink down on paper. He recently reviewed my favorite pen with kind words.

If you have the slightest crush on a pen, go read what a real pen addict thinks and you'll see it in a whole new light.

Update: Comment below or twitter us your favorite pen to doodle with?


  1. I have been really enjoying the Paper Mate Flair lately. My only problem with it is that it doesn\\\'t mix with color that well.

  2. Chris\\\' answer is close to my heart as well, but I also enjoy the Bic Medium in black, green, and red.

  3. I became an addict to Pilot GTec-C4 pens a few years ago, and I always have a stash around. I also love Bic pens, because they are so cheap and yet so good.

  4. I recently discovered the Copic Multiliners. They have lots of nib sizes that are replaceable and include a brush nib.

  5. I was also going to say the Pilot G-Tec C4, crazy. They're amazing. I have at least a dozen or so lying around so I'm never without.

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