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Have you met Reckless Erica?

by OKAT 2

Have you met Reckless Erica? | Doodlers Anonymous

Just short of a month ago we launched another website, Reckless Erica, in a quiet whisper. A concept we discussed for months, but knocked together in just a few weeks. The idea is simple: two invited artists go head-to-head in designing a shirt around a single theme, the community votes and the winning art lands itself on a comfy, limited-run silk-screened t-shirt.

That's all there is to it, except for one minor twist that the artists never know their opposing challenger until the day the battle goes live.

We've been lucky enough to have great friends and artists so willing to participate, put their egos aside and send in some amazing illustrations. In battle one, Jesse Hora and Anjo Bolarda had a fierce clash. Anjo won by a mere 4 percent. You can see and buy Anjo's winning t-shirt at the shop (with free shipping in the U.S.).

It's short notice I know, but the current battle is between Chris Piascik and Matteo Gualandris and ends in less than 20 hours. Both artists were featured here at Doodlers Anonymous and now you can vote to see which doodle comes to life on a t-shirt. Enjoy the show or simply buy some popcorn.


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  1. Love the concept. Voted for Matteo.

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