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Speak Up

by OKAT 14

Who should be our 16th featured artist?


Founder and editor of Doodlers Anonymous. An avid thinker, creator and collaborator, known to concept and carry a ballpoint pen with him at all times.


  1. I suggest Vaughn Fender: He's top notch.

  2. what about: or: …

  3. Wendy MacNaughton,

  4. andre is depressing


  6. um..not sure if this is allowed ! I suggest myself,there I did it xx

  7. ... me? hehehe

  8. Brenda Carpenter There... is that good? :)

  9. Thank you everyone, even those of you that threw in a self-nomination :) Keep the names coming. It's nice to keep a running list of possible artists.

  10. -- he doodles on earthenware!

  11. Me. Ha.

  12. I am also going to nominate myself!

  13. DOOOO ITT! She deserves it.

  14. Andrea Kearney please!

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