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Crooked Arm

by Jamie Tao 1

Crooked Arm | Doodlers Anonymous

A few years ago, I did a two week road trip of California. On the way from San Francisco down to Salinas, I stopped inside this little surf shop called Mollusk because I liked the signage. They sold all kinds of surf related art, t-shirts, books, etc. They also had this tiny room that displayed amazing little pieces of art. This is how I came to know of Nathaniel Russell. Take the time to go through his blog. His drawings and other posts will keep you entertained for hours. I took the above photo from his blog but that was the display at Mollusk.


  1. I love Mollusk, and Nat Russell\'s art work. I was lucky enough to experience his art since my undergraduate years because we went to the same college. His art work was as impressive and unique back then.

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