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The Scribble Project

by OKAT 3

The Scribble Project | Doodlers Anonymous

The simplest ideas are always the best ideas. The wonderfully talented Annie Dwyer Internicola dropped me a note about the samesame scribble project by Lisa Currie and I could not have been happier. This project was born from a daydream Lisa had of everyone attacking the same template page differently and now it has launched with a showcase from talented artists like Gemma Correll (above) and Sean Morris. Visit the site and email Lisa to get your own scribble sheet.


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  1. thanks so much for posting about the scribble project! it was a really nice suprise to google myself and find this :D i hope you've emailed me for a sheet to doodle over! ♥

  2. There is a cool coloring book kind of along those same lines.

  3. What a fun and inspiring project! Thanks for posting it. I\'ll be writing Lisa for my scribble sheet soon. xoxo

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