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26 years, 85 notebooks

by Jamie Tao 1

26 years, 85 notebooks | Doodlers Anonymous

Michael Bierut, from Pentagram, has a massive collection of notebooks. "I call these notebooks for a reason. I've seen other designer's sketchbooks and I'm always impressed by how much creativity is on display. Not in mine. Page after page contain nothing but records of phone conversations, notes from meetings, price estimates, specifications." He is an addict and I think it's safe to say that everyone here can relate. Read the inspiring article here.


  1. To that end, designer Michael Beirut provides us with an inspiring meditation on his personal collection of notebooks that together form a history of his working life over the past 26 years. He looks back over the impressive archive of 85 volumes and makes observations about his approach to the design process ranging from the insightful - the solutions generated earliest on, tend to be the most successful - to the humorously frank - “A lot of my ideas are so simple and dumb that a simple dumb drawing is all it takes to describe it.” And though he admits that there is plenty of minutiae to sift through, he discovers plenty of surprises hiding within the pages of his self-described “security blanket.”

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