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Simon Mills Doodles All Over

by OKAT 26

Featured: Simon Mills | Doodlers Anonymous

I created Doodlers Anonymous for people like Simon Mills. He is the exact definition of a doodle addict. He cares nothing about the canvas, only that he has some kind of tool to draw with, a stick, ink, brush, anything that can leave a mark.

Simon exhibits his art mainly around the Bristol area and under the name boredmonkeylove design. When looking at his doodles, you get lost in the journey of his lines and that too, is how he works. "The ability to hold a pen, move it this way and that and see where it takes me... I find too much thought is the enemy."

Simon's feature is inspiring and I'm still captivated by the 14 original pieces he's drawn for Doodlers Anonymous, each representing his spontaneous style and love for working on discarded materials - cardboard, wood, furniture. He makes use of them all.

doodlers anonymous


doodlers anonymous street art

doodlers anonymous street art


  1. Incredible. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this.

  2. What a lovely body of work! so magical! I love it!

  3. Great stuff Si - still loving your style!

  4. monty is a sexual deviant

  5. i am having a secret spy affair with monty the best doodler in the west

  6. great stuff man :)

  7. Thank you all for your kind comments.

  8. Wow. These look to be very well planned doodles. :-)

  9. great!

  10. Fab ideas, reminds me why i love messing about with images. inspiring!

  11. me likey ")*

  12. your art kind of looks as though you used a quil ink pen, given the variation of thick to thin lines and the ink splatters.....truely unique and inspirational :)

  13. you have inspired me to draw.......;)

  14. I love the mix of drawing and words that you use - very beautiful.

  15. If you see it doodle on it...I love it!

  16. So cool!

  17. So cool!

  18. wonderful!

  19. :) SO. COOL.

  20. NICE!

  21. Love your style man it is epic !

  22. Lovely stuff, I just love your work.

  23. Lovely


  25. Graet contrast! And teh birds are super cute and playful!

  26. Really like your work a lot

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