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41 Images / 3 Lucky Winners

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41 Images / 3 Lucky Winners | Doodlers Anonymous

This is it folks. The above image is a representation of all 41 submissions to the FIELD NOTES giveaway. This was by far one of the more enjoyable things we've done here on Doodlers Anonymous.

Three random names were pulled from the submissions, not for drawing or writing skills, but simply for participating.

And the winners are...

Micah Nova Ariel Aberg-Riger John Hutchison Now scroll down for a full-size look at all the images :)

Shawna Handke

Above by Shawna Handke

Josh LaFayette

Above by Josh LaFayette

Janell Hoong

Above by Janell Hoong

Elizabeth Cason

Above by Elizabeth Cason

Chris Piascik

Above by Chris Piascik

Sarah Li

Above by Sarah Li

Micah Nova

Above by Micah Nova Winner!!!

Shiho Nakaza

Above by Shiho Nakaza

Alice Tjitradjaja

Above by Alice Tjitradjaja

Anthony Quinn

Above by Anthony Quinn

Daniel Constien

Above by Daniel Constien

K Callahan

Above by K Callahan

Cannon Pearson

Above by Cannon Pearson


Above by Kylo

Ariel Aberg-Riger

Above by Ariel Aberg-Riger Winner!!!

Annie Dwyer Internicola

Above by Annie Dwyer Internicola

Kunal Anand

Above by Kunal Anand


Above by kugli

Bernadette Torres

Above by Bernadette Torres

Stephanie Neary

Above by Stephanie Neary

Dany Reede

Above by Dany Reede


Above by Natalie

gillian toothill

Above by gillian toothill

Dave Folley

Above by Dave Folley

Ashley Mitchell

Above by Ashley Mitchell

Cheryl Smith

Above by Cheryl Smith

michelle heng

Above by michelle heng

Pablo Rivera

Above by Pablo Rivera

Tina Festa

Above by Tina Festa

Alexandra Burge

Above by Alexandra Burge

Mora Caitlin

Above by Mora Caitlin

J Lam

Above by J Lam (watch video submission)

Christian Bailey

Above by Christian Bailey

Loren Johnson

Above by Loren Johnson

Derek Reitzel

Above by Derek Reitzel

John Hutchison

Above by John Hutchison Winner!!!

Jay Wood

Above by Jay Wood

Anika Mari

Above by Anika Mari


Above by Hector

Grant Thomas

Above by Grant Thomas

Jonathan Stovall

Above by Jonathan Stovall


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