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Giveaway: Field Notes

by OKAT 45

Giveaway: Field Notes | Doodlers Anonymous

So this is one of those giveaways I've wanted to do on DA ever since I first conceived of the site. FIELD NOTES are small 3.5 x 5.5, 48-page graph paper memo books, brought to us by the fine folks at Draplin Design Co. and Coudal Partners. When you hold feels sacred, like the contents inside are something Indiana Jones would be after.

We are giving away one FIELD NOTES 3-pack to three lucky winners. To participate, simply leave us a comment below saying you are taking part in the giveaway and then drop us an email with the favorite doodle, drawing, memo or scribble that you have done in the last 12 months (JPGs only @ 72dpi and please keep it analog, we will not accept digitized or vector submissions). E-mail your image to:
editor {at} doodlersanonymous {dot} com

All submissions must be in by Friday (Jan 30th) @ 5pm. We'll then randomly draw 3 names from the participants and post images and winners the following Monday.

Good luck and be sure to join our RSS and twitter feed for heads up on the next giveaway!

UPDATE: Alright folks, submission time is up. We've received an awesome response from all of you, with over 40 images sent in. Stay tuned, as we plan to randomly select three lucky participants come Monday and post all the submissions and winners this Tuesday.

UPDATE 2: Winners have been announced and all the participant's doodles published, click here to view them.


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  1. Wow! This is a fun competition. I just want to see everyone's doodles that they submit. But I also wouldn't mind winning a set of Field Notes!

  2. Hey! I\'m participating! I can\'t wait to see everyone\'s doodles.

  3. I'm so in! Emailing you all, post-haste!

  4. Of course I am participating!

  5. Yes! I'm in.

  6. I am taking part in the giveaway. I see 3 squiggles. Now... off to do part 2 of this entry process... (hobble hobble)

  7. Count me in!

  8. Yes I'm joining in the fun :)

  9. Hello, Yes please, I\'ll participate

  10. What a great give away! Count me in!

  11. This sounds like fun!!! Now all I have to do is choose!

  12. Can I play?!

  13. Im in.

  14. Oh I am participating in this one for sure.

  15. I wanna participate too.

  16. I'd like to participate.

  17. yes yes yes. I'm in.

  18. yup - i'm in.

  19. Count me in! I would love to win!

  20. Totally!

  21. I'm in. :)

  22. I am pleased as a peach to participate!

  23. I'm in all the wayyyy.

  24. I'd love to enter, but mannnn do you have to make me pick my favourite?! :P

  25. definitely count me in.

  26. I... would also like to participate... and such

  27. hex ya, me too.

  28. OMG, I'd love to participate... Gotta go, and get an iPhone now :¬)

  29. im in.

  30. Sign me up, Buttercup! Field Notes rock!

  31. I'm in!

  32. ooh i like ! count me innnn

  33. Hello! I'd like to partecipate.

  34. I'm not much of an artist, but I'll be happy to enter!

  35. ah! more notebooks to make artist books from! ccount me in!

  36. I would love to enter this... those books look sweet!

  37. Oh what a challenge! I'm in.

  38. I shall submit to you.

  39. I am hitting the send button as soon as I am done here! Great site. Thanks.

  40. cutting it close, but I'm in too!

  41. Sweet. I'm in.

  42. The dog ate my sketch, so I'll make a lame attempt

  43. I took part in the giveaway.

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  45. Dam got all excited and now see that the post is old. Also you need to drop the spam post above ;)

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