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Giveaway: An Awesome Book!

by OKAT 83

Giveaway: An Awesome Book! | Doodlers Anonymous

A few days back I discovered the pages of Dallas Clayton's An Awesome Book! It's 64 pages of beautiful, full color illustrations (see inside the book) that speak to those who care to dream. That should include you, you and you. It opens with the words, "There are places in the world where people do not dream..." and transitions to drawings of rocket-powered unicorns and candy-cane machines.

This awesome book is currently available for pre-order (as it releases late January), but we got our hands on 3 signed copies to giveaway. All you have to do is leave a comment below answering the question: What is your dream?

Comments will stay open until Tuesday at 11am EST and then we'll randomly draw 3 names. For those of you that want extra credit, doodle your answer and email it to: editor {at} doodlersanonymous {dot} com

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UPDATE: Alright everyone, comments are now closed for the giveaway. Thanks to all 76 of you for participating, we'll be drawing three winning names tomorrow morning. Good luck, and now go watch the inauguration.


  1. Wow - what an awesome book! My dream is to provide a good upbringing and education for both of my kids. I couldnt really ask for much more than that.

  2. I teach kindergarten. My dram is that I instill a lie-long love of reading (or wanting to reda0 in each child that I teach!

  3. My dreams usually amount to me losing my teeth. I hope I have a good dental plan in the future! :S

  4. I dream of baby pugs in bright red hooded sweatshirts.

  5. My dream is to win some sort of spectacular book, then to share the book with someone close to me.

  6. My dream is to instill a love of learning and reading to my daughter. She loves art, drawing and reading-and anything that inspires her to create is something I'd love to have around!

  7. I have lots of dreams, but my biggest is for myself and my kids to learn that its important to make a difference in life- make an impact - a good impact and not be selfish give me kidof people

  8. fly.

  9. My dream is to change the world in some way, or when it changes be a part of that change with my art somehow. Be part of a new movement when it comes.

  10. My dream is to never forget to dream!

  11. My dream is to see my children grow up healthy and happy.

  12. I dream of traveling the world!

  13. My dream is to live happily ever after. Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. My dream is to have a close relationship with all of my siblings even as they grow up and move away.

  15. My dream is to walk again. I\'m 61, and I lost both of my legs. I\'m starting therapy to use my prosthetics

  16. i dream of never-ending creativity.

  17. my dream is to live on the beach year round!

  18. I saw that book a while back. I definately want to get myhand on a copy,free or no! My dream is to do something great with me life that I will enjoy, and that will benefit others. I want to have a positive impact.

  19. I would love to become a nurse specializing in working with children with disabilities, once I am healthy enough to return to school.

  20. My dream is to have no more hunger in this world...there truly is enough food to go around...we just need to get it to the is a problem I truly feel we should not have...and can be solved and I hope one day that it will be a dream come true. THANKS

  21. my dream is to win the lottery and retire with my whole family

  22. I dream of happy times with my family and close friends always.

  23. My Dream is a Nightmare.

  24. My dream is to get my head above water so I can stop stressing over money :) I'll get there someday !!

  25. My dream is to look at the Earth from above, and have done so based on merit and not with money.

  26. My dream is to acheive happiness and peace with myself.

  27. My dream is to finally make a great living creating and publishing my books that help and teach others. (would love a copy of that book :))

  28. My dream is to make anyone who knows me or touches my life to live happier and wealthier .

  29. My dream is to not have to work so I can spend time doing things that I enjoy and live for myself. Maybe finally illustrate that childrens book I have an idea for and finish making that video game I started.

  30. My dream is to see all of the National Parks in my lifetime.

  31. I have a dream of being able to help tons of people, I have a vision of winning the lottery and going around the US spreading $$$ to people who have had bad luck and that are going to lose their homes or jobs and giving them a second chance.

  32. right now-to find a job

  33. My dream is for us to break the cycle and have my daughter choose a loving relationship.

  34. My dream is to win a huge lottery so in addition to myself, I can help all of my friends and family to pay off their homes so they can live in comfort without any financial worries.

  35. My dream is to go to Chile with my partner.

  36. Actually, matching silverware would be nice. But for a big dream, I would like to afford my own college scholarship program, where I can make the rules. If you worked part time, you'd get more $.

  37. My dream is to open my own shop on Etsy, selling my handmade items.

  38. My dream is for my friend to get his eyesight back.

  39. My dream is that I'll never get so old and jaded that I'd want to stop learning.

  40. My dream is to be debtfree. Thanks for the chance to win.

  41. actually have the witchcraft powers I was teased about based on my first name as a child, and now on my full married name as an adult...what are the odds?

  42. I dream that one day i'll live an extremely simple life where I can wake up early, paint, walk, and read every day.

  43. I dream that I'll be able to connect with loved one who have passed on. We have kind of a family reunion of sorts. Everyone is together, happy and living good lives.

  44. To be running when the sand runs out - meaning to actually LIVE my life and not watch it go by. I don't want to be on my death bed wishing I would have done something!

  45. I dream of a time when family is less complicated

  46. my dream would be to have a stress free future thanks for the giveaway

  47. My dream is to give my kids the best start in life possible.

  48. My dream is to someday move to Mexico.

  49. My dream is to live a long and happy life

  50. My dream is to live long enough to see my grandchildren graduate high school.

  51. My dream is to write a book.

  52. My dream is to get this book translated to swedish and published in Sweden, so that I can read it to my five kids and let them know how important it is to dream. I have already started to fulfill that dream...

  53. My dream is to get a copy of that book by winning this contest. After that, I\\\'ll work on some new dreams.

  54. love to move to south america

  55. my dream is to take my kid to disney world.

  56. my dream is to never grow old in my mind

  57. My dream is to live a happy healthy life :o)

  58. I dream of a time without stress.

  59. My dream is to have time to work on my crafts all the time! and an endless space to keep the supplies. Thanks for the giveaway.

  60. My dream is to build a nice dream house!

  61. My dream is to live in a house without wheels.

  62. have summer arrive tomorrow!

  63. I am an elementary art teacher and I dream of sharing this awesome book with my students.

  64. My dream is to adopt an older child out of foster care and give them a forever home

  65. My dream is to go to China to get my adopted daughter for which I have been waiting for years!

  66. My dream is to get married this summer.

  67. To help make a better world for my granddaughter.

  68. My dream is for my children to have happy, fulfilling lives.

  69. My dream is to live together as a family and to raise my kids to be wonderful, respectful adults.

  70. I dream of getting paid big bucks to draw anything I want. All day long.

  71. My dream is to someday be a physical therapist to children born with physical limitations

  72. my dream is for 29th July '08 - 7 Aug '08 to last forever.

  73. My dream is for my family to live comfortably.

  74. My dream is for all of my daughter\'s dreams to become true.

  75. My dream is to find a new job.

  76. My dream is to allow myself and others to dream...

  77. My dream is for my littleone to love to read

  78. My dream is for X ray vision, but just through clothes

  79. To find a good job

  80. My dream is that my 2 boys will grow up to be strong, incredible young men who pursue their wildest dreams.

  81. My dream is 2 be well and enjoy life:)

  82. My dream is to own my own home.

  83. Aw shucks- just found this... so who won? happy valentines

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