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The Insanity of Claudio

by OKAT 1

The Insanity of Claudio | Doodlers Anonymous

Five days ago I received an email with 12 images and a note attached, written in broken English. It was from Claudio Parentela, a self-proclaimed artist and freelance journalist from Italy, whose work caught my attention right away. It was insane, colorful and all over the place. A combination of paint, ink and paper -- all layered, like a make-up kit that exploded. I was intrigued to learn more and discovered that he is most definitely an addict, with work ranging from comics, illustration, mixed media, water color, cardboard boxes, plus a writing contributor to 10 blogs (I am not even sure how many of them are real). No matter, it is awkward and beautiful and deserves your attention, click to see the entire set of images he mailed over.


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  1. Excellent recomendation! I really enjoyed visiting your website and Claudio's too. Great work.

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