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Featured: camiki

by OKAT 38

Featured: camiki | Doodlers Anonymous

Upon first glance, I immediately fell for camiki's doodles. They seem to be crafted with hardly any effort or thought, just improvised. Yet, everything in her art comes together just right, from the colors to the flow. They are fun and harmless drawings that deserve your attention, and to our delight, she's created 8 exclusive iPhone wallpapers that you can download and use to your heart's content.


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  1. supporting camiki\\\'s art all the time!!! she know\\\'s I love her drawings :D

  2. These are great. Thanks.

  3. I love it!!!!!!!! Camiki, your artwork is so cool!, you are such an artist! Very creative and distubing designs. Keep working!! =*

  4. Muy muy buenos, me encanto el de dinosaurios!!

  5. Excelent drawings!!!! Very nice all of them

  6. grande camiki!!!!!! cuando me regales un i-phone te juro que bajo todos tus \\\"dudels\\\" te felicito nerd estan buenisimos! un abrazo

  7. Camiki has a real talent, not just the doodles, everywork and style she uses amuse by its originality and style. Camikis works is outbreaking.

  8. Wena Cami!!! Están re wenos tus wallpapers, lo malo es q no tengo (y creo q no tendré) ese i-pod... Saludos!!!

  9. Estan baknes cami! los usare para mi ipod =)

  10. pretty cool designs :)

  11. Wow! Camiki, loving your doodles as ever! :) x

  12. YOU ROCK CAMIKI!!!!!! your wallpapers are awesome!!! when we buy our iphones we will become camiki fans forver and ever you will stay in our hearts god save the queen virtutis - gloria - merces who where them???

  13. oh wow - love these illustrations!

  14. I love the patterns.

  15. waaa, if only I had an iphone...

  16. thank you so much ! !!!

  17. Great patterns, thanks a bunch!

  18. yes, if only I had an iphone! excellent!!

  19. nice work like the way you have used certain coloures in your work.

  20. These are so intricate!

  21. cool shizz

  22. From the top to the bottom, maybe our favorites are n. 1, 5 and 8

  23. Love these. Patterns are cool! :-)

  24. @camiki how about some android wallpapers next? :)

  25. Camiki, I love your work. Windows Phone wallpapers next?

  26. the download links don't work anymore :-/

  27. LOVE YOUR DOODLES! inspiring

  28. very awesome doodles :) keep it up

  29. Wow, how cool. I love the complexity. Classy, classy, classy.

  30. Wicked drawings, great patterns

  31. Woah. These are amazing :)

  32. beauts!

  33. These r awesome! They look amazing

  34. Really nice!

  35. love them!

  36. I love these patterns!!

  37. very nice!~

  38. cool idea

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