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Featured: Tommaso Meli

by OKAT 39

Featured: Tommaso Meli | Doodlers Anonymous

Tommaso's work is outrageous and full of majestic concepts, detail and textures. He likes to go by the name “pariah”, a term for anyone considered an outcast, isolated, or different by others -- which is an excellent metaphor for his style.

His feature on DA is a mix between pics of sketches or "in progress" work with a collection of past doodles and drawings. Have a look at what happens when his mind spills onto paper.


  1. Gorgeous work.

  2. really cool stuff.

  3. hard worker, fresh as usual!

  4. thanks a lot guys :)

  5. super cool work....

  6. Very nice work!

  7. Thanks again people :)

  8. Nice work...impressive gestures!

  9. Absolutely beautiful work!

  10. I really like your work. You have a new follower!

  11. i agree, beautiful work! i enjoyed it

  12. stunning work dark fill to it, lovely

  13. the red haired girl is extremely charming ^_^

  14. so nice work,bravo

  15. the painting on carboard is awesome!

  16. i love how instead of taking a direct shot of the take the picture at an angle...adding more unique-ness and a different perspective on what you drew.

  17. some extremely sick stuff man i love it

  18. Awesome!!!Great work>>>

  19. terrific

  20. oh what beautiful sketches!

  21. ........the next big thing

  22. very strange i give it four fingers

  23. doodles are almost always relaxing.

  24. i love how they're simple but complex at the same time.. so talented!

  25. rad!

  26. love this.

  27. love it love it..LOVE IT! I miss painting on cardboard,though.

  28. Amazeballzzzz!

  29. Amazing! :)

  30. wow! Amaazing!

  31. Wonderful.

  32. great work!!

  33. love his pictures, very talented and very interesting to look at!

  34. I love your stuff!

  35. This rocks!!!!! You are awesome!

  36. Love the hair vomit!

  37. Really interesting work ! GREAT !

  38. Interesting

  39. love the use of line and patterns..your work is WONDERFUL!

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