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And the winner is...

by OKAT 2

And the winner is... | Doodlers Anonymous

We are so happy with the amazing response received from the recent giveaway. It's a testament to Kate's art when so many of you (old and new fans alike) are trying to get your hands on a year subscription to What Did You Buy Today. Before we announce the winner, I'd like to thank Kate Bingaman-Burt for her overall awesomeness as an artist and a reminder that if you did not win, she has many wares for sale at her ETSY shop that include a few holiday $pecials.

We absolutely loved reading everyone's answer to their favorite 2008 purchase. It made the entire giveaway worth it and a few of you even went the extra mile with doodle submissions. A special round of applause to:

Mike Perry's Hand Job Book by Kylo (visit Kylo's flickr)

Woody by Kate Hutson (visit Kate's site/blog)

Macbook Pro by Josh Doty (who runs

Voodoo Donut by Anika Mari (see Anika's website)

Drum roll please... And finally, the name pulled from the hat is: Janell from whose favorite 2008 purchase was "A pastries and cake baking book for my mom's birthday. She loved it!!!" Congrats Janell, your winning prize is a year subscription to the What Did You Buy Today 'zines and a hot off the presses t-shirt from Doodlers Anonymous (which we'll be showing off soon). Thanks again everyone and don't forget to subscribe to our RSS and twitter feed to be notified of the next giveaway.


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  1. Love the donut doodle. Congrats to Janell.

  2. Thank you Kate, DoodlersAnonymous and DA-HUGO!!! It really made my day to obtain this piece of good news early in the morning :D

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