Inspiration: Art

The Sketches of Matteo Gualandris

by OKAT 38

Featured: Matteo Gualandris | Doodlers Anonymous

Matteo comes to us from the land of Northern Italy, where his mind seems to wander endlessly over the pages of his Moleskine notebook. We are featuring an unprecedented 32 images for his feature, showcasing a diverse set of Matteo's work with his obvious consistent style. My personal favorite seem to be the pages that have an almost infinite landscape of faces and characters. 

sketchbook doodle

sketchbook doodle

sketchbook doodle

sketchbook doodle

sketchbook doodle

sketchbook doodle

sketchbook doodle



  1. Always love it. Really enjoy that sludge-faced dude in the last one. Grand.

  2. Loving this guys work... Great site.. Most enjoyable.. : )

  3. i love your work/play! thanks for sharing it.

  4. I don't know about you guys, but I'm tripping the fuck out.

  5. really cool doodles!!!!!

  6. Damn. That's some fierce shit.

  7. Thank you guys for commenting! If you are interested, I\'ve just edit a brand new 16-pages zine featuring both unseen material and some of the drawings here above. Just check-out my website. Hope you like it.

  8. matteo is a long time internet buddy, his work is faaantastic!

  9. I LOVE IT SO MUCH,how can you draw that?

  10. This is great inspiring work!!! Amazing!

  11. Super Fantastic! Yummy doodles, very special....

  12. Awesome, love your sketch books Matteo

  13. i'm in love. ace!

  14. I wish people could marry paper.

  15. Ace! J


  17. great work!

  18. Hey Matteo, i LOVE all of the doodles but the ones at towards the bottom are my absolute favorite. :D

  19. Buenisimoooossss...!!

  20. i dig this style

  21. Now, these I love. Not many people can fill a page with randomness this way and make it seem so cohesive. Wonderful.

  22. Love how they interweave on the page.

  23. Love all of this. So inspiring.

  24. Wow, I think I'll use black ink again.

  25. Love it

  26. Super rad scatterbrained tendencies. The black and red page at the end kills it for sure.

  27. :] these make me happy.

  28. Love these :)

  29. I am so in love with this style.

  30. So authentic - I love it.

  31. This is awesome. I love how your work is simultaneously dark and adorable.

  32. What fun worlds.

  33. muy bueno tu trabajo

  34. I like the line he draw!!

  35. I am in love with your signature style of drawing. You have your own unique and wonderful language of expression.

  36. this rocks so many socks

  37. Love the details

  38. Love, love, LOVE this sketchbook!

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