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My First Crush

by OKAT 2

My First Crush | Doodlers Anonymous



Animated and directed by Julia Pott.



  1. my first crush was named chris, in middle school. i was so crazy for him! he was a gorgeous red head. i remember him smelling so good and my heart fluttering whenever he merely looked my way. when he held my hand, it was amazing the way the skin of our hands felt touching together - sensory overload! and when he held me close in an embrace, it was heaven on earth. we used to go back and forth with 'i love you more'...'i love you more.'...'i love you more' and so on before hanging up the telephone. he was my dreamy, cute first crush that still makes me smile fondly today. a neat memory! i remember hugging him goodbye at senior school graduation and telling him that i still loved him. i will always love him for being my first crush. i hope all is well with him wherever he is and whatever he is doing. hopefully life has been good to him so far.

  2. When I was ten There was a boy in my class called Alex Binns I had the biggest crush on him. I used to try to memorise his mums car number plate so I would know if they ever drove by me. He was in my English class, always used to sit opposite him and watch him writing, one day when his pen ran out I stole it from out of the class bin, I'm not sure why but I kept it in my pencil case. It wasn't untill I was 14 that I managed to tell him that I was kind of in love with him and thats when he asked me out. It only lasted about a week turns out we had nothing in commmon.

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