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Giveaway: Print Brigade Tote Bag

by OKAT 5

Giveaway: Print Brigade Tote Bag | Doodlers Anonymous

Listen up, we all know plastic bags suck. Over 100,000 animals a year mistake them for food and die. By carrying this tote bag around the marine creatures above will continue to live happily. DA and Chris Piascik (yesterday's featured doodle artist) are shipping one lucky person the above screen-printed canvas bag.

To win, flip through the pages of Chris's blog and answer the following question: What was the total amount paid to his tax collector? The first person to comment on DA with the correct answer, wins! Good luck. Giveaway details: One winner will receive a canvas bag screen printed with black ink and then hand colored PLUS a bonus limited-edition Gocco print by Chris. As a courtesy to our readers, if you've won a giveaway in the past, you will not be eligible to win this prize.


  1. $428.82 I believe

  2. total due $428.82

  3. I will go with $428.82. Even though I saw the answer I checked it out anyway.

  4. total was $428.82

  5. Yay! You are all right, but there could only be one winner. Kudos to David for answering first. Next giveaway is just around the corner. Subscribe to our twitter updates or RSS feed to be the first to know.

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