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Featured: Chris Piascik

by OKAT 34

Featured: Chris Piascik | Doodlers Anonymous

According to CNN's countdown to the election: (as of this post) we are exactly 12 days, 7 hours and 8 minutes from going to the polls. Chris Piascik doodles every day, but lately his Moleskine is filled with page after page of political observations done in beautiful hand-drawn typography. I have to admit that even my own doodles (usually random thoughts, like daydreams that make no sense) have been clouded by the 2008 election.

For Chris' feature, I had to stop myself from wanting to showcase his more familiar work (art unrelated to politics) of beautiful paintings, gocco prints and daily drawings, so that I could focus your attention on a set of images that speaks the real truth about his work: he can even make the words "Sarah Palin is trash(y)" look good. 

political doodle sketchbook

political doodle sketchbook

political doodle sketchbook

political doodle sketchbook

political doodle sketchbook

political doodle sketchbook

political doodle sketchbook

political doodle sketchbook


  1. I love your typhography! I too- love creating new and exciting texts. Beautiful- Glad to see that you are incorporating the election in your artwork!

  2. wooah! that's so cool. i soo agree with you

  3. Thanks everyone! These drawings along with about 30 others are available together in my "Election Collection" Daily Drawing book 'zine here:

  4. really nice!

  5. Very nicely done!


  7. very nice typography!

  8. Very-very rad typography.

  9. you are one of favorite doodlers.

  10. I likey alotty!

  11. Who DOESN'T love Chris Piascik? You're the bomb.

  12. Nice bright colours!!

  13. i like your typography, youve inspired me

  14. i hate drawing on the first - i agree (:

  15. typo in the previous comment* it's supposed to be : i hate drawing on the first page - i missed out the page D:

  16. awesooooooame

  17. nice :D

  18. love typos!

  19. personally i HATE!! politics with a me they have no point!! once a convo about politics start an arguement is sure to start.....especially when people dont agree on whatever the hell the type of politic they're talking advice dont even mention it :/

  20. I'm 13 and i love your artistic view of politics;

  21. Awesommme. People should make more posters like these!!! :)))))

  22. i like this a lot. a lot-a lot. like a looooooooooooooot :D

  23. Nice work. Except it offends republicans everywhere.

  24. nice typo!

  25. Chris Piascik is the best!

  26. nice work

  27. Four years later, change the names a bit, and it seems like it's for this year's election. Arresting typography.

  28. Love it!

  29. Hey I don't really like Obama..but I love the art bro.

  30. So funny!

  31. Wow so cool

  32. Absolutely LOVE LOVE

  33. Great, please give me more typography THX

  34. It's is sooo nice I love it 😍

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