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Etch A Sketch

by Hugo Seijas 3

Etch A Sketch | Doodlers Anonymous

The Etch A Sketch has been a doodle phenomena for over 50 years. I still remember moving the knobs left/right and up/down for hours, only to end up with simple squares and stick figures.

We've recently discovered the work of Rick Nuanez or Mr. Etch A Sketch, a prime example that practice makes perfect. Rick explains on his interview with how without any drawing experience, he picked up an Etch A Sketch and started creating these highly detailed drawings. We uncovered an entire world dedicated to this wonder of a toy, from videos and a flickr group to pages like those of the Etchasketchist.

Below is a video by George Vlosich III, considered the world's best on the toy.
And of course, an Etch A Sketch flickr group that houses over 220 images and asks one simple question: Can you rock the knobs? Etch


  1. Not to quibble, but the Ohio Arts Etch-a-Sketch didn't become a doodle phenomenon in the United States until the holiday season of 1960. So technically it's only been around for 48 years.

  2. Rick Nuanez is \"Mr. Etch-a-Sketch\". But he\'s not the Etchasketchist. I am. I drew that Ben Bernanke, not Rick.

  3. Etchasketchist, I just fixed the reference so it should all be more clear. Sorry for the confusion.

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