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Adventuring with lapin

by OKAT 50

Featured: lapin | Doodlers Anonymous

When flipping through the illustrative works of lapin, you can't help but ask yourself: how does one have the time and skill to draw all of this? Page after page of doodles and sketches from everyday life, caught in an almost literary fashion. For his feature, I've selected 6 spreads from his sketchbook that I find to reflect an amazing compostion of lines, color, and content. His works will inspire you to never let go of your notebook and you'll wish you were travelling right alongside of him. 

lapin sketchbook

lapin sketchbook

lapin sketchbook

lapin sketchbook

lapin sketchbook

lapin sketchbook



  1. Wow!

  2. These are incredible! What a talent.

  3. merci !

  4. This is awesome!! inspiring work!!

  5. Pretty pretty prettttttyyyy!

  6. these are fantastic!

  7. Wonderful.

  8. Beautiful, love the choice of paper.

  9. wonderful

  10. absolutely stunning... i especially love the doodle of the baby in the car seat :)

  11. agree with Steph Allan! I love all of your work, esp. the baby! a very cute baby and a very good sketch!:)

  12. woah nice.

  13. love your work.

  14. slices of life make the best subject matter and your take on it has both beauty and the spontaneity of sketching or as we might say doodling

  15. your work is really good... I love your detailing

  16. you see i try and do this kind of detailing to drawings...comes out like shit but you.....piece of magic!! :D

  17. wow!

  18. beautiful X xx

  19. Holy smokeszzz! Keep on keeping on

  20. Magnifique! Absolutely beautiful!

  21. muy bueno, me encanta!!

  22. Beautiful work! >^..^

  23. so beautiful!!

  24. this is insanely pretty, i love it so much.. and the paper selection is awesome.

  25. so inspiring

  26. Your work is brilliant!

  27. You have such a unique and distinct style. Love the accounting book paper as a back texture. Beautiful and inspiring.

  28. i love your work, i spent alot of time in barcelona staying on vilamari rocfort, your work caotures's barcelona's essence so nicely, what medium do you ude? ink and water colour? x

  29. c'est magnafic! bisous x *

  30. Awesome artist! Love Flora! Beautiful work!

  31. make a wish:

  32. Great work:)

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  34. This is beyond doodling-fabulous.

  35. Love it!

  36. You have a beautiful quality of line. I love, how delicate and confident you work is. Thank you

  37. Stunning!

  38. great artwork love it a lot, and love the booklets in done on.

  39. Great work i must say....very impressive doodling instead i can. Say highly skilled doodling.The best part is the "expediciones" background

  40. Very detailed. Wish I could draw realistically, unfortunately, I'm a cartoonist.

  41. excellent... great form - loose the touch of a pro

  42. Wow, you're amazing! Love it. :)

  43. so light and intimate

  44. great drawings

  45. Awesome!

  46. great work

  47. great work


  49. there is nothing that I say that any body has not said but good

  50. Love!

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