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Thank You, part one.

by OKAT 4

Thank You, part one. | Doodlers Anonymous

Doodlers Anonymous has been online for only a month and we've already made so many new friends. I want to thank every one of you that have linked to our site. I tried to dig through the traffic report to credit everyone, but if by any chance I've missed you, please drop me an email and knock me over the head with your link. In the meantime, spend the weekend clicking over to the websites that have sent folks our way:

swissmiss, design is kinky, stumbleupon, qbn, design for mankind, wikipedia, notebookism, kreativuse, zoom doggle, lysergid, junkyard sam, right brain terrain, year youre right, i like nice things, ample sanity, art junction, nouss-nouss, pink maniacs, dai-design, kimbjames, st.judes, even cleveland, slowloris, kate bingaman-burt, nate williams, jamie tao, hugo, delicious and doodlers everywhere.


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  1. Ha! Thanks for the thanks. I really appreciate the feature you did for me. This was a really neat entry! The sketch on top of the grungy paint board plus type makes for a great combo. Congratulations again on the success of this site. So cool!

  2. thanks, dude! but you know what? i gotta thank YOU! keep it up.

  3. Schwangy art wrapped inside a blog run by nice folks -- who wouldn\'t wish to pass such a thing along? Keep up the good work, and thank you for the thanks.

  4. how nice of you! thank you for noticing - it\'s a pleasure to link back to such a great blog :)

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