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Barefoot Sneaker

by OKAT 5

Barefoot Sneaker | Doodlers Anonymous

It is almost too ridiculous for me to comprehend, but my most popular piece of art is this quirky doodle I did on a pair of Vans. If you like custom anything, my barefoot sneaker and more than a hundred other custom shoes are featured in a book by MAKI, titled Custom Kicks; an engaging and visually inspirational 224 page publication that belongs on everyone's coffee table.

The barefoot sneaker by OKAT


  1. Love the design, anywhere i can get a pair?

  2. hah funny...

  3. pretty sweet, i'd get em but i think you want us to make em ourselves right? i might at that

  4. what type of paint and pen would stay on a sneaker? what about if you want to wash them?

  5. This is really cool.

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