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From Paper to Concrete

by OKAT 5

From Paper to Concrete | Doodlers Anonymous

I am always at a loss for words when I try to describe the work and inspiration that Blu has had on me and I assume many others. He is the master of taking a doodle from the pages of a sketchbook to the walls of the street. It is unmatched in its execution. I could write about his work for the next two days, but it's better you see it for yourself.

First, watch this short film, titled MUTO, then visit his website and finally, check out the trailer to an upcoming documentary on his work, Megunica.


  1. Very cool! I love the top one especially, but the yellow is bold and stands out. Lovin' it. I'd love to see your stuff real big like that, Okat! BTW that guy has a great website... the way it's like an open sketchbook. Kinda neat!

  2. He has SO much work, too... all so big, made on that crane or whatever lifting him up the side of the wall. How does he have so much time for so many works!?

  3. I thought this one was genius:

  4. i love Blu's work, but was unaware of this film. thanks for posting about it!

  5. all his work is amazing!!! can\'t wait to see the documentary! i\'m a huge fan and hope he visits lima again very soon!!

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