Ricardo Nunez is a Philadelphia-based illustrator who left Colombia 10 years ago to learn English and chase his dreams. He hasn’t stopped traveling since.

On Ricardo’s instagram, I stumbled upon a story that he shared in regards to the illustration above. He talks about how during his travels, he met a Canadian woman who made the decision to sacrifice her body for nine months to grow a life for a sterile couple. It was a difficult process since the life growing inside her is a life she loves, but in the process she is helping to make their dreams come true. Ricardo says “I’m still impressed by her kindness. She decided to put her happiness behind in order to make others happy. This is an illustration in process for her.”

His illustrative style begins with a gorgeous, soft pencil sketch. Then, the drawing is digitally refined later with color that brings it all to life. I sincerely believe that the most powerful aspect of any creative work is hearing the stories that inspire these beautiful illustrations, giving the work an incredible power for people to connect with.