As we say goodbye to 2017 and embark on this creative journey that is 2018, I wanted to take a moment to thank our community of friends, fans, readers and artists that make Doodlers Anonymous such a thriving community of inspiration, creativity and art.

Now on to the good stuff. This year we highlighted hundreds of artists, projects and artworks. As a short recap, I’m featuring a few of the more popular and memorable ones below (click their titles to read further about each).

Dreamlike Wood Cut Illustrations

Embrace Your Crown

Thinking Deeply In The Form Of Doodles

Quirky GIFs That Celebrate The Little Things

Mesmerizing Line-Based Illustrations of Atoms and Lines

Colored Pencil Sketches That Are Soft As A Baby’s Bottom

Mind-Blowing Typographic Illustrations In Black & White

A Mysterious Sketchbook That Almost Feels Like Time Travel

WATCH: Insanely Detailed Freehand Mural Done Using A Marker

 Stone Paintings So Real You’ll Want To Pet Them

Teaming Up With A Toddler, Sketchbook Style


Trippy Doodles That Move in Mysterious Ways