We’re continuing our partnership with Adobe Stock to bring one lucky winner of this drawing challenge a free year of Adobe Creative Cloud. In contrast with the Mother Nature Drawing Challenge, we’re taking a turn toward the inspiring nature of man-made structures. For the Urban Explorer Drawing Challenge, we’ll focus on illustrating cityscapes, houses, architecture, or other urban settings that are too perfect to pass up. There’s a fascinating beauty to discovering hidden details in buildings, towering skyscrapers, and bustling city streets. Or perhaps what really drives your inspiration is the calming sense of security that washes over when you pull up to your childhood home. Regardless of whether you’re a city-dweller or a home-body, now is your chance to appreciate the structures that excite you most in the form of your own unique illustration. Any sort of buildings, cityscapes, houses, or other structures will do. On your marks…get set…DOODLE!

*Challenge ends October 2nd at 03:00 PM EDT. See complete rules and submit work on the official challenge page.

(This challenge is Part 2/3 of the Doodle Addicts x Adobe Stock Partnership. Participate in all three for a chance to win the Grand Prize Pack!)