Hey, Doodlers! We’re back with a new awesome drawing challenge from our sister site, Doodle Addicts. They’re hosting a fun drawing challenge right now called Design an Album Cover, and submissions are open through February 8th! Check out the challenge details below:

There are few things in life as sweet as finding new music, something you can’t believe you’ve never heard before and that you replay non-stop. Of course, creating artwork is also up there in the sweet department, and something really magical happens when you combine the two.

For this challenge we want you to create a band and song name, and design a cover for this hit single! The music genre and art style are up to you, just use the template below to create your very own album cover.

Image Showing Visa Gift Card Prize

They’re awarding one winner a $25 gift card. The Challenge ends on Wednesday, February 8th at 3:00PM EST. See the complete rules and submit your work on the official challenge page.