We have some exciting news to share with all of our readers and members.

The current “participate” section of Doodlers Anonymous has grown tremendously since its launch, with new artists from all over uploading their drawings, sketches, portraits, doodles and more. It’s been so incredible to wake up every day and discover a new style or artist I would never have none otherwise and we thank all of you so much for participating and inspiring the community, but we believe it can be so much more.

We think it’s time this section matures and it’s large enough now where it deserves its own website and platform, making it easier for artists to get discovered, for the community to engage, and for there to be opportunities to get commissioned or to show-off any great prints or goods an artist may up for sale. For the last 10 months, the team at Doodlers Anonymous has been hard at work developing this NEW platform and we are very close to launching it. We’ve got plenty of screenshots, features and details to share with you, so click here if you’d like to check them out, read the full announcement and learn how you can help us go live. Yay!

With regard to Doodlers Anonymous, it’s not going anywhere. We will continue to be the curated art blog you’ve come to expect and we look forward to bringing more attention to artists everywhere in 2018.