Do you ever stumble upon something that makes you say wow? We’ve been writing pieces on artists around the world for over a decade, but there are still certain portfolios that embody an energy that stops us in our tracks. Dadu Shin’s work has one of those portfolios. We couldn’t find much about them online, but the mystery of it all sort of adds something to these incredible works. Working primarily in what appears to be a blue pen, Dadu’s work has been described by admirers as “visual poetry.” From the intricacy of the stippling to the subject matter and accompanying captions, it’s hard not to feel moved when viewing these artworks.

When there’s something this good, there’s not really more for us to say other than go check it out for yourself. You can see Dadu’s work on Instagram, their website, Tumblr, and you can purchase their prints here. See a few of our favorites below but believe us when we say we are barely scratching the surface of all there is to see of Dadu Shin’s dreamy artwork!