I discovered the instagram of Jelena Ristic a few months back and became instantly obsessed with her work from that point on. I’m so excited to finally share her artwork with the DA community, because her illustrations are simply mesmerizing, and absolutelty addictive just to look at. Her series “Of Atoms and Lines” (also the username for her instagram account) focuses on line-based, black and white illustrations that play off negative space created by hard-eged geometric shapes, combined with the hypnotic patterns that arise out of her loose, flowing lines. The details add a beautiful touch, like particles of dust, creating a sensation of movement as your eye traces the flow of her linework. Jelena says “Illustration offers me the ability to play around and make odd visual connections. Wherever your mind dares to travel, your hand and pencil should follow” If you love her work (and perspective of life) as much as I do, be sure to check out her online shop, or just follow her on instagram!


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