Rin’s architectural sketches initially caught my attention right here on DA. Her line work is simply gorgeous, paying close attention to all of the little details and shadows within the buildings. Typically, she uses a black ballpoint pen, although her instagram uploads also incorporate watercolors into the mix.

Currently majoring in fashion design, Rin says that she’s been fascinated with architecture and symmetry since she was a kid but just recently started drawing them more and more after her “postcard project”. Rin explains, “During that project, I sent out scenery postcards to people all around the world with my Merlion drawing behind it. Some people have sent back postcards with architecture from their countries, so I started to do research about their history, architecture elements, etc.” 

What really impresses me is how she leaves little to no room for error by just going for it without doing an initial pencil sketch, which she says helps to build her confidence when it comes to sketching. Rin says “I keep on practicing and exploring architectural structures and perspective whenever I have time. For example, in the public transport, during my lunch break, while sitting in a cafe waiting for my food. I’m persistent in not using a pencil, eraser and of course no rulers in my drawing process. I draw directly with pen or watercolor on paper instead”. A bold move indeed, but a great tip if you’re looking to step up your sketch game!