Irena Zablotska, aka Joulu, has been popping up left and right in the Doodle Addicts trending uploads! Her incredibly unique style is hard to miss, boasting illustrations that mash up an array of elements. Her compositions maintain a nice mathematical flow, yet still give off a chaotic vibe. These trippy mutant characters with morphing body parts work so well with her buzzing patterns and colors that pop. We decided to dig a little deeper and ask her some questions about her creative process:

You’re trapped on a desert island and can take 3 art tools/supplies with you. What are they?

When it comes to my favourite media – it is coloured pencils, ink pens and coloured markers. Also, I must admit I would never omit from the list my Wacom Intuos Pro and Adobe Illustrator – the tools that help you get something colourful and enjoyable considerably quickly. However, if I were trapped on a desert island being allowed to take only three supplies with me, they would be – a PIGMA MICRON 05 mm ink pen (I use a wide range of Microns, from 01 to 1 mm, so I would take something in between), a B2 pencil with a Faber Castell eraser cap (sorry, I’m cheating) and a super thick A5 sketchbook with considerably smooth paper which is good for both pencils and ink pens.

What is your biggest source of inspiration for your art?

Talking about inspiration – Slavonic folk and native art have always had a great impact on me. Maria Prymachenko, one of my favourite Ukrainian artists of all times is an outstanding representative of Ukrainian naive art. Soviet psychedelic animations from the 1970s – 80s have influenced me strongly as well.

Any tips for other artists?

Tips for others (and especially for myself!). Don’t try to impress someone deliberately on Instagram, Facebook or DoodleAddicts – you would never ever guess what exactly others like. So don’t think much about what you are drawing, don’t dwell on your style (or its absence, as you may think), don’t be judgmental towards yourself and don’t compare your art to others’ online. Just be yourself and doodle. You are already unique!


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