Luis E. Dueñas is a fellow doodle addict, designer, illustrator, visual artist and creative director based in Los Angeles, CA. To say the least, Luis and his brightly colored robot illustrations had me at hello. They’re so cute and inviting, each taking on unique details and traits. I asked him a bit about himself and his process and he says: 

I’ve been drawing since the age of six years and continue everyday. I always got in trouble for drawing in class, on test sheets and textbooks. I had my own business at 15 years old airbrushing t-shirts at the swap meet until my second year of art school. I have a rough idea in my head, start doodling shapes in my sketchbook, and go from there. Once I have a defined shape, I start adding more until I come up with a subject. Once I have a subject, that will influence the rest of my sketches and doodles for the next couple of days.

From the doodled sketchbook spreads to the more detailed, dimensional bots, I always enjoy seeing what Luis has in store for the participate section. Be sure to check out his daily doodles on instagram and show him some love on DA