I’d like to extend a warm welcome from our doodle addict community to Faith Puleston, who has been blowing up the participate section with a bunch of her awesomely detailed doodles.  Looking at her art feels sort of therapeutic, and I find her work is refreshingly unique! In a way, her drawings resemble something scientific you might see under a microscope with their lively lines and repeating patterns. There’s just so much movement happening within these compositions and the splashes of color are just right. I had a couple of questions for her, here’s what she had to say:

DA: What sparks your inspiration for these elaborate doodles?

FP: I’m an internet addict plowing my way through anything visual that the browser has to offer, but inspiration also comes from modern painters such as Vasily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Picasso, Dali and many others …… masters of line, balance and rhythm. Fractals fascinate me most of all, but as a hobby I prefer pen drawing to mechanical drawing. I also study microscopic enlargements of elements. The order and rhythm in nature that is invisible to the naked eye fascinate me.

DA: How long do they typically take? Do you do it all in one sitting?
FP: I have completed a drawing (always A3 these days) in one long evening, but I usually take a couple of days to work on a line drawing (but only when I’m in the mood!), and a couple more if I decide to color or shade it in any detail. Sometimes I put a drawing away because I don’t like it or have a better idea for a new one and there are a few in my collection that I really should have ripped up! I’ve tried figurative drawing, but I prefer making abstracts, sometimes based on a figurative ‘string’ composed of a letter or symbol.