From the moment I saw DA Member Elizas’ first upload to the Portrait section, I knew I needed to see more. This girl has obviously got some serious drawing skills and each upload just gets better and better. I chose to highlight her photorealistic drawings of young women because they’ve got an interesting spin on them — some are partially complete, playing off the white space of the paper while others have bright pops of color that draw even more attention to the details created by the pencil (or pen). Be sure to give her other works a look, and follow her on DA

bubble gum, pop, pencil, drawing, photorealistic

photorealism, tan paper, off white, drawing, women, soft

laughing woman drawing, pen doodle, portrait

portraiture, negative space pencil, doodle girls


sketch, pen, women, artistic, drawing, sketchbook

floral, headband, girls, pen drawing, sketchbook women