Andreas Preis is a designer, illustrator and artist who works and lives in Berlin, Germany. Working in illustration, murals, logo and icon design and art direction, Preis has proven himself as an in-demand artist trusted by a number of prominent companies and brands. DC Comics, ESPN, Google, Nike and Microsoft are just a few of the organizations who have utilized the vision of Andreas Preis. Looking at the work included in his series, More drawings…, it’s easy to understand why such huge, global brands would turn to Preis for their artistic needs.

Drawing of a Rabbit with a Hoodie

The work included in this series is all handmade. As he notes at the beginning, Preis uses fineliners, markers, pencils and some brushes to show off his skills in linework and character design. His black and white illustrations, portraits of people and personified creatures, like a rabbit in a jacket and robed lizard, reveal a geometrically structured style that uses rectangular threads of line to sew together crystalline images of Preis’ figures. Jagged edges fit together to build the faces of people in various states of reflective contemplation, reactive joy and sinister stares. Dripping runs of ink at the bottom of some of the figures give a sense of bleeding evil or dark energy seeping from the character’s hearts. The versatility of tone and expression bely an artist in control of all aspects of their craft, an artist, Andreas Preis, trusted by the world’s biggest brands, an artist one should expect to see for years to come.

Line Drawing of a Lady

Drawing of a man without a shirt

Line sketch of a hipster

Line drawing of a lion