I’m about to take you on a safari through the imagination of Rohan Sharad Dahotre. I’m so glad he decided to share his work with us via Facebook because this is really fun stuff! His series of Animal Doodles features images of wildlife found on google covered in hand-illustrated shapes and patterns. It’s amusing to see wild things dressed up in African-inspired designs, but at the same time the fine geometric detailing makes them appear truly majestic, even regal. You can tell the doodles were made with careful attention and awe for their subjects. Dahotre is a true nature enthusiast who hopes his illustrations will be able to make a difference toward causes like wildlife awareness, conservation, and welfare. A noble endeavor that I couldn’t be more on board with, so let’s doodle like they do on the Discovery Channel!

tribal lion doodle

tribal hyena doodle

tribal rhino doodle

tribal owl doodle

tribal chameleon doodle

tribal bird doodle

tribal bird doodle

tribal bear doodle