The “Cyberpunk Vending Machines” series is a collection of digital art pieces created by artist Kenze Wee between 2018 and 2021. Wondering what a series like that might entail? Each artwork in the collection depicts a futuristic vending machine with a cyberpunk aesthetic, with some featuring a range of products that one might expect to find in a typical vending machine, such as snacks and drinks. However, some of the others feature things a bit less ordinary, like koi fish or ramen. But that’s not the most of out the norm thing about these illustrations, these vending machines are depicted as towering monoliths, adorned with neon lights, intricate circuitry, and other futuristic embellishments that give them a distinct cyberpunk feel.

One of the things that immediately stands out about Mecha’s artwork is the level of detail that goes into each piece. From the intricate wiring and piping that adorns the vending machines to the reflections in the polished metal surfaces, each element is carefully crafted to create a vivid and immersive world. Kenze’s use of lighting is particularly impressive, with each artwork featuring a complex interplay of neon lights, shadows, and reflections that give the pieces a sense of depth and atmosphere.

The “Cyberpunk Vending Machines” series is a stunning collection of digital art that showcases Kenze’s impressive attention to detail, creativity, and artistic skill. Whether you’re a fan of the cyberpunk genre or simply appreciate beautiful and immersive artwork, this series is well worth checking out! See a few of our faves below and check out the full series here.